1. Jim Behrle Could Afford to Chill

    That’s the best advice I’ve gotten since

    I bought this bacon suit

    I could teach a Master Class in being

    An asshole but I probably wouldn’t

    Get paid and only assholes would

    Enroll and I would almost rather

    Be the animal rug lying on the floor

    Getting pissed on

    I’ve embarrassed myself at HTMLGiant

    And now I can never show my face

    On the internet again

    But to be chill would be so wonderful

    Like a pep-o-mint Lifesaver

    Cracked in half between the back

    Teeth, it too makes a spark

    But it is also very chill

    I used to be a young poet but now

    I should just circle the block in

    My Volvo looking for a parking spot

    Even though I don’t have a Volvo

    I think I can’t afford a Volvo

    But I could afford to chill

    Like wind through antlers

    Or when I forget to zip my pants

    I ran track at Go Fuck Yourself Prep

    But I always came in last and now

    Look at me I’m a famous poet on

    Practically every list poem

    I didn’t even have to become a

    Professor or write a bunch of books

    I didn’t have to work hard at all

    Now that I’m famous I can become chill

    Breath on glass peeling off

    Chill as a sockless lover’s

    Cold feet in the sack

  2. Ben McFall┬áhere. I am sorry to report that the Conceptual Poets finally caught up to our dear Jimmy. Jim’s final words were “Think the Poetry Foundation will pay me $900 for this?” 1973-2013. Jim leaves behind lots of stickers and construction paper. He loved all of you deeply.

  6. Poets are people, too, People Magazine

  8. Smurfmission

  10. The New York Times publishes poetry, right?